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Electronic News Gathering

SKY Helicopters provides aerial video services for all of the major News Networks in DFW​​​


  • SKY Helicopters has a fleet of Video Broadcast Helicopters fully equipped for News Broadcast.

  • Standard Equipment on an R44 News Helicopter includes:

    • A nose-mounted, Gyro Stabilized Ikegami 1080i camera combined with a 44X magnification (22-1- zoom lens and 2X extender).

    • Clear, steady pictures with no daily set up or balancing requirements 

    • Interior talent camera

    • Exterior fuselage camera (Tail Camera)

    • RF broadcast equipment 

    • An Audio/Video- switching console

    • Interior Laptop console

  • The R44 ENG has a frequency-agile Nucomm Digital transmitter and transmits HD video in 16QAM or vestigial sideband (VSB).

  • SKY Helicopters has turnkey aircraft/pilot packages available for the week/month/longterm. 

ENG Equipment

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