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  • Annuals R22, R44, R66

  • 100 Hour Maintenance

  • Storage

  • OVerhaul

  • Build

  • Paint/decal

  • transport

  • clean/inspect

Please enter your contact information

In the Message box you should include the following:


  • First name and weight of Helicopter Owner                                                      

  • The time and date you would like to request a service                                                                             

  • Make the subject The Model and Tail Number of your Rotorcraft and the type of service you're requesting


Thanks, message sent. A SKY representative will contact you soon.



  • Add a third person for $59.99

  • Total weight per seat shall not exceed 280 lbs

  • Total combined weight shall not exceed 600 lbs

  • Hours for tours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Tour routes may change for weather, air traffic or airspace restrictions.

  • Custom routing available on request

  • Arrival Time (5 minutes early)

  • Photos encouraged

  • $75 cancellation fee within 24 hours

  • Pay upon arrival

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